Are you shifting to Houston, TX, and looking for rental properties? If so, you have landed in the right place, as this guide will explain everything to look for in a one-bedroom apartment. After reading this guide, it’s all up to you which one you would like to choose. A comprehensive list containing all the pointers to look for is included here, which you must check out. Take a look!

Determining The Rental Budget

Before you start your searching process, you must decide the maximum and minimum amount of money you are ready to spend on renting a home. Once you have specified the limits, you can look for choices accordingly. It will help shortlist the places; otherwise, you will be confused about which one to choose. Based on the salary you earn, the other expenses, your children’s studies, should determine the renting amount. Once you decide on that aspect, you can go to the next one. 

Checking Out The Location

Do you have any specific locations where you want to rent an apartment? Most times, people look for places near schools or shopping malls, or grocery stores, etc. What are your requirements? It varies from one person to another, and once you have an idea about that, you can choose the location. The schools and shopping malls you can visit if you book a rental apartment in Houston TX are:

  • Hunters Creek Elementary School: It serves 673 students in Kindergarten-5 and is placed in the top 10% of all schools in Texas. The student-teacher ratio is 16:1, and 38% is the minority enrollment. It is a famous school, and you must have already heard the name previously. If you book an apartment close to the school, you can take a walk and drop your children off every day.
  • Buffalo Creek Elementary School: Around 552 students are there in Kindergarten-5 and maintains a student-teacher ratio of 15:1. The minority enrollment is 96%. For more details about the school, you are free to visit the website. By doing so, you can go through the details of the school.
  • Pine Shadows Elementary Schools: It has 755 students with a 16:1 student-teacher ratio. They have a variety of extra-curricular activities where students can take part. Students who are already in this institution are happy to study here.
  • Gessner IV Shopping Center LTD.: It is a well-known shopping center where you will get various products from shoes to dresses to everything. By visiting the mall, you can check out the top brands that are present there.
  • Hammerly Plaza: It is another shopping center in Texas where you have different products. From makeup, clothes, and other accessories, you will get everything. Near that location, you have McDonald’s, Whataburger, etc., where you can visit and have food. It is a great place to spend some quality time with your friends. On weekends, if you do not like to go too far, you can come here.

The Amount Of Space You Need

One-bedroom apartments can be small and big, and depending on your requirements, you can choose. You must check out the amount of space you need and the type of layout also. Based on that, you can select the options you have. The rental in Spring Branch is located in the center of the city so that it won’t be at all difficult for you in any aspect.

The Storage Space

What is the storage space you need? Some people need more while others are less. It would be helpful if you did not rely on others for your demands and must list what you require. Accordingly, you can start looking for apartments with storage space. Some people may need more storage space in the kitchen, while others need it in the bedroom area. Most apartments have a good amount of space, so you must not compromise in any aspect. It would help if you chose the option wisely so that you can stay for a long time.

High-Quality Windows

How much natural light do you want in your room? The more you have, the less electricity you will use. In that way, you can cut down the consumption to a great extent. So, before booking an apartment for rent, you must check the location at least twice. Verify the quality of the windows as well, and they must not get affected due to harsh weather.

Local Markets

If you are looking for local markets in your area, you will get quite a few. In this way, you do not have to travel for a long time. The markets you can visit are Hammerly Market, Long Point Market, Double Decker Flea Market, Spring Food Market, etc. All are located in different locations, and some open at 10 am while others at noon. You must check the timing before visiting, and from vegetables, meat, fish, etc., you will get everything.

Cooling Or Heating Systems

Based on the locality, you have to decide whether you will need cooling or heating systems. Also, before you move in, you must check if the appliances are working. When you are paying for it, you must ensure all aspects and then opt for the one you like. It should have an air conditioner, a heating system, etc., and with that, you do not have to purchase a new one.

Check Out The Bathroom

The bathroom is another area you must look for while picking up a rented apartment. Some like to have a spacious one, while others can manage in the small one. What is your preference? Also, what are the things you need in the bathroom, like a shower, washbasin, bathtub, etc.? You must verify the quality of the toilet so that you do not have to complain afterward. It should also have a mirror; otherwise, you have to invest your funds to get one. If you go for more luxurious things, the price will go up. So, you must decide what you would like to have and choose accordingly.

Entrance And Exit

It is a pretty common thing, but still, you must check that the entrance door must not be in the store room or kitchen. Also, the exit door must not face other toilets, and you should cross-check all these parameters before you proceed. It should be appropriately designed and must not have a column in between as space can get wasted. Consider all parameters and decide where you want to stay with your family.

No Leakage In The Bathroom And Kitchen

There should not be any leakage in the bathroom and kitchen area or spoil the entire place. Your furniture and other things can also get damaged, so check the kitchen area properly. If you see any damp area or anything, you must never consider that option. Some people look for such choices as they get at a low price. But you must avoid doing so and stay in a healthy environment.

Ask Relevant Questions

It would be best if you asked relevant questions to the owner before taking the apartment for rent. Get all your queries resolved before you proceed ahead, or else you can be in trouble afterward. The clearer you are about all your things, the better it will be for you. If the owner answers all these, he is confident about the details and not hiding anything. If he is not ready to share the information with you that means there is something he is hiding. In this instance, you should never choose such places to stay in.


Do you have any other specifications that you would like to have in your apartment? If so, you must list before finalizing the location and must not wait until the last minute. Noting the things in one place will give you an idea of what aspects you have covered and the others you still have to look for. In that way, you will not miss out on anything. It is a suitable way to decide which flat will fulfill your demands.

The Bottom Line

Clarifying all the aspects is crucial before you move in. Looking for apartments for rent is a vital task, so you must do it carefully. Invest enough time to consider and compare the options and visit the place to check the locality and other aspects. Green Oak Village Apartments have different sizes of one-bedroom apartments in several locations of the city. If you are looking for rent, you can visit their places and book one.

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