When you have planned to move to a brand-new home, you want the house and the location to be peaceful so that you can live comfortably. For such reasons, renting a high-quality apartment in the Spring Branch area of Houston will be the right thing to do. The neighborhood is located along US Highway 281, north of San Antonio and Bulverde. This Houston area will provide a city-living and suburban feeling and provide you with some of its outstanding amenities and convenient regular commutes.

The homes in Spring Branch

Spring Branch carries a decent reputation when it comes to homes. You will come across the best and modern apartments for rent in Houston, ideal for single families, couples, and singles. The best thing about these apartments is that they are pet friendly, so there is no need to move in without your furry friends.

The majority of the apartments come with 1 to 3 bedrooms and 1 to 2 bathrooms. The average rent you have to pay will be around $1016, and the measurements are 735 square ft. to 1150 square ft. Along with apartment complexes, you will also come across single-family homes and buildings, where you receive 3 to 4 bedrooms.

Renting these types of properties in Spring Branch will be the right thing to do, as they provide plenty of amenities and features to help you receive a luxurious living experience. The majority of the floors are made from good-quality hardwood, and you will receive a fully-equipped kitchen.

Other amenities you get are a garage, laundry rooms, storage rooms, patio, swimming area, heating and cooling system, washer and dryer, pet play area, picnic area, and walk-in closets. Some homes and apartments will provide you with wheelchair facilities, cable ready, high-speed internet, and ceiling fans.

Top-notch places to visit in Spring Branch

Although Spring Branch stands out as one of the best places to live in the north Houston area, there are many things that this neighborhood has in store. Below are some of the best locations you can visit with your family and friends in Spring Branch, Houston.

Visit Long Point Road and try the local cuisine: The Long Point Road runs roughly right from the middle of Spring Branch. This particular area is filled with highly-rated establishments and eateries that demonstrate the diverse culture of Houston. If you want to try some delicious Korean BBQ, then head down to Seoul Garden and to the EL Ultimo Taco Truck to try out some authentic and fresh Mexican delicacies. But if you want to taste something unique and extraordinary, then head to Pollo Bravo for Peruvian cuisine, Mambo Seafood for some fresh seafood, and Rooster Vietnamese Grill to try the Vietnamese Bah mi.

Check out the Texas Rock Gym: The Texas Rock Gym stands out as one of the most highly-rated and top-notch venues for rock climbing and bouldering. It’s not that far away from Spring Branch, and the place is suitable for people who love rock climbing or wish to stay fit. The best thing about this venue is that they have friendly and well-mannered staff members who will assist individuals without scaling many rock faces and help them receive a good time working out.

Get to reach new heights at iFly: iFly is located right between Spring Branch East and Spring Branch West. This place will allow you to skydive without jumping from a plane. All you need to do is gear up and take a turn at the wheel tunnel, where you will feel as if you are floating on an air cushion. There will also be an instructor who will provide you their guidance and support during the free-fall conditions. The flights within the wind tunnel are said to last for about 60-seconds. You can opt for packages that will provide you with another round.

Shop at the Memorial City Mall: The Memorial City Mall is the ideal place for all Spring Branch residents, where they get to do all types of shopping. The mall was built during the 1960s and underwent an extensive renovation during the 2000s. It is one of the most popular malls right after Galleria, where you can shop for clothes, shoes, jewelry, bags, baby items, furniture, home, pet supplies, and many other things.

Ending Words!

Spring Branch is known for its kind people, stunning nature, and peaceful surroundings. The neighborhood has many newly-constructed and old apartments, single-family homes, attached properties, and condominiums. Connect with Greenoak Village Apartments for the best listings in apartments in North Houston.

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